Dog Trainer

1:1 Canine Behavioural Specialist

Hi, welcome to The Vet’s Daughter.

I am Nerina Wayland, daughter of an inspirational vet, passionate about all animals; especially dogs. I specialise in 1:1 Canine Behaviour and positive reinforcement training including:-

  • Puppy Training
  • Exercise
  • Lead training
  • Recall
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Road safety
  • and much more

Contact me for advice, to book some training; or simply just to go for a dog walk or have a home visit to see how I can help resolve any issues.

If you are about to start your adventure with a puppy, I can help you with all the basics of how to settle your new family member. A happy dog is a dog with purpose and a clear understanding of what is expected from them. I can help to cement the relationship you already have with your four legged friend.

Looking forward to meeting you and your amazing dogs…


Hi Nerina

Thank you so much for your time and advice yesterday. We have had two walks using your method, and I feel a lot more in control. Millie is getting the hang of it also.

We had more good girls than no’s this morning.

Millie - Improvements

  1. Strengthening the bond
  2. Leadership
  3. Confidence


It was a pleasure to meet Nerina and for her to help me with training my rescue dog.

I really like Nerina she is friendly, professional, easy to talk to and so very knowledgable on all things relating to dogs. She has given me lots of tips and given me so much confidence in training Hope. Nerina walked with Hope and I chatting and giving advice. We went to an enclosed open space to do some long lead training which was brilliant and I now feel I am equipped to train Hope and re-train my other dog too.

Hope - Testimonial

“I would highly recommend Nerina she is a lovely and very genuine. I would definitely use her again if I need help with either of my dogs.”



I can’t recommend the vets daughter more highly. As a younger pup, Millie was able to quickly master long line recall training with Nerina to then later mirror training with Nerina’s dog without a lead! Nerina is a great trainer and very patient with Millie, as she has become a more reactive dog.

Nerina has made us feel much calmer about taking her out on walks.

Millie - Improvements

  1. Great trainer and very patient with Millie as she is a reactive dog.
  2. Nerina made us feel calmer about taking her out on walks.

Lola Bear

My 19 month old WCS not coming back to go on his lead at the end of a walk was making our walks stressful and not enjoyable. I bumped into Nerina on a dog walk and got chatting about it. We had two sessions together, one at our house, where Nerina was able to offer advice to help us break some bad habits we had got into!

The second session was on a walk, where Nerina was able to identify what the problem was and give us strategies to manage this! 4 weeks on things are so much better, and although it is still very much a work in progress, we are able to enjoy our walks again and don’t feel anxious or stressed! This is all done through gentle training techniques!

Amazing Nerina, thanks so much!


“Good morning! I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Lennie. It is still a work in progress, some days he’s really good and may not need to be put back on lead at all or only once, and some days I have to do it 2 or 3 times until he remembers, but we always get there in the end! I’m much more confident with him now and don’t dread our walks anymore 😊”


Lola Bear

Thank you for all your wonderful help with our Lola Bear! Within just a handful of lessons her recall is now spot on! Taking her on walks now is super easy! Thank you also for all your constant support through Lola’s training and always being on hand for advice.

Thank you so much Nerina!

Lola Bear - Improvements

  1. Recall now spot on.
  2. Walks now super easy.
  • Hello Nerina.
    Would like to thank you for all the time and effort you put in to help us control an excitable Cocker Spaniel named Cookie. At only eleven months old he is obviously going through his ‘teenage’ phase and knows exactly how to get a reaction from us. The time you spent with him proved he is controllable and that we needed training as much as Cookie. He and us are still a work in progress but the improvement in his behaviour and understanding is clearly visible.
    Thank you again.

    Malcolm Wadham

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